USS Constellation

Senior Officer Biofiles

Last Update, SD 130604

Billet Rank Character Name Gender Species Player Name
CO Captain (O-6) Patryk Rychman-Sabre Male Human (Ryshtonian) Scott Freligh
XO Commander (O-5) Mudoro Bochu Male Vulcan/Betaziod Michael Groner
OPS Lieutenant(O-3) Kenji Bantusai Himura Male Human (Terran) Ed Bell
CIC Lieutenant Commander (O-4) Ares Sindel Female Bajoran Mark Palumbo
*aNAV Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2) Rafael I. Pierce Male Human (Terran) Scott Freligh
TAC/SEC Ensign(O-1) ***Vacant*** --- --- ---
*aCsciO Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2) Han Payne Male Human (Terran) Scott Freligh
ENG Ensign(O-1) Karen Noventa Female Human (G.E.L.F.) Matthew Everett
CMO Lieutenant(O-3) Sakar Male Vulcan Jaime Massanet-Nicolau
COU Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2) Mori Terimoto Male Human (Yoritomoan) Jeff Thiessen
MCO 1st Lieutenant(O-2) Imayna Holloman Female Human (Terran) Natalie Parker

GREEN Fleet Admiralty

Billet Rank Character Name Gender Species Player Name
CINCGREEN Vice Admiral(O-9) Rhen-Fiir 3rd Warrior Male Ecohar Lezley 'Peach' McDouall
GREENXO Commodore(O-7) Siri Morrison Female Betaziod Melanie Pocknall


Note: * Designates NPC Temporarily Filling Position

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