USS Constellation

Security Department

Last Update, SD 130607

Security Command Team

Billet Rank Character Name Gender Species Player
SEC Ensign (O-1) ***Vacant*** --- --- ---
CMAA Chief Warrant Officer, Second Class (W-4) ***Not Available*** --- --- ---

Security Squads

Billet Rank Character Name Gender Species Player
1SQLDR Chief Petty Officer, (E-7) ***Not Available*** --- --- ---
2SQLDR Petty Officer First Class (E-6) ***Not Available*** --- --- ---
3SQLDR Petty Officer First Class, (E-6) ***Not Available*** --- --- ---

Administrative Division

Billet Rank Character Name Gender Species Player
ADMINDO Chief Petty Officer, (E-7) ***Not Available*** --- --- ---



This Department Is Currently Vacant, And Will Be Filled When A New Sec Player Joins

Acronym Definitions

SEC: Security Department Head
CMMA: Chief Master-At-Arms
1SQLDR: Leader, First Squad
2SQLDR: Leader, Second Squad
3SQLDR: Leader, Third Squad
ADMINDO: Administrative Division Officer

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