Deep Space Thirteen
Star-Core-Class Space Station

Senior Officer Biofiles

Last Update, SD 140914

Billet Rank Character Name Gender Species Player Name
CO Commander (O-5) --- --- --- ---
XO Lieutenant Commander (O-4) --- --- --- ---
OPS Lieutenant (O-3) --- --- --- ---
CIC Lieutenant (O-3) --- --- --- ---
TAC/SEC Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2) --- --- --- ---
FCO Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2) --- --- --- ---
CsciO Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2) --- --- --- ---
ENG Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2) --- --- --- ---
CMO Lieutenant Commander (O-4) --- --- --- ---
COU Lieutenant (O-3) --- --- --- ---
MCO Lieutenant Major (O-3) --- --- --- ---

GOLD Fleet Admiralty

Billet Rank Character Name Gender Species Player Name
CINCGOLD Admiral (O-10) W. Gordon Crowell Male Human(Terran) D'Maris Coffman
DEPUTY CINCGOLD Rear Admiral (O-8) Hunter Female Human(Terran) Andrea Schalk
COMKRIMAEXFOR Commodore (O-7) Richard T. Coleman Male Human(Terran) Marc Johnson
GOLDSHORE Rear Admiral (O-8) E. B. (Ben) Spence Male Human(Terran) D'Maris Coffman


Note: * Designates NPC Temporarily Filling Position

The pips graphics on this page where created by Steven Marriott, for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG. Please do not copy these images. If you wish to obtain a copy simply go to the Tango Fleet Website, and the Ranks Page. Here you will find info regarding the Pips. Steven will happily pass along the files free of charge to anyone who takes the time to ask him for their use.